About Us

Happy Times Tours & Experiences launched in July of 2020. We knew with the COVID pandemic of 2020 that it would be important, more than ever, to laugh and have Happy Times

We have over 20 years of tour experience and are passionate about travel. We strive to provide the best customer service and plan amazing trips. Our tours will always be fun, creative, unique, and give you local experiences. These are not your typical tours and, we are proud of that. 

In the times we are facing with COVID, we  have taken precautionary steps so we can have Happy Times on our Safecations!  Our buses will not be full – that is a guarantee and, we have planned it that way. We want everyone to be able to distance themselves on the coach. There are also other safety precautions such as disinfecting practices and staff wearing masks or face shields to ensure passengers are as safe as possible and are having a happy time on our trips!  See our website for more information on our policies and procedures to keep everyone safe.

Our trips include:

*Extended Vacations    

*Cash-Out Casino Trips


*MKE Tour Experiences

*Schlemiel, Schlimazel MKE 

*Destination Drinking

*Virtual Experiences

Browse through our website and see all the fun we have in store and remember for a Happy Time Call (414) 867-2727

Tell your family and friends Happy Times are here again and join us on a fun trip! We hope to see you soon!

We are a proud member of the American Bus Association.